🔥Zombie World Z Airdrop campaign is still ongoing with a huge number of participants, nearly 4,000,000+. The number of participants continues to grow rapidly.

🔥ZWZ Airdrop campaign on CoinMarketCap is only 2 days left!! Take your chance to gain $ZWZ for free! Are you ready for it?!

👉 Join CMC campaign: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/zombie-world-z/airdrop/

👇 Follow our step by step introduction below to fulfill your tasks: https://zombieworldz.substack.com/p/how-to-join-zombie-world-z-and-coinmarketcap-48c?justPublished=true

⚡️ Let's join the ZWZ Airdrop campaign on CoinMarketCap to check and make sure that you have finished all the tasks, if you HAVEN'T COMPLETED THE TASKS, YOU WON'T BE IN THE WINNER LIST!!! The campaign starts from 24th Dec to 4th Jan 2022. Don't miss it !!!!

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