What is JLaunchpad?

JLaunchpad is a easy platform to launch a crypto project. JLaunchpad offers a diverse range of services to meet the needs of your blockchain project.

Projects and investors alike face difficulties in differentiating innovative, quality token projects from low quality, often scam projects in the market. JLaunchpad helps to mitigate this risk through our Independent JLaunchpad Services

Before a project is put on the JLaunchpad , they all have to go through a rigorous review process to determine whether projects meet Binance's standards. Factors include:

  • The project has grown to a relatively mature step

  • Ability to ready to large-scale expansion

  • Strong and dedicated team Potential to benefit growth and development of the broader crypto ecosystem

When a project passes this selection process, it will appear on JLaunchpad

We support lo launch token on many chain: erc20-trc20-bep20

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